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 The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission ('the CCPC') was formed on 31 October 2014 following the amalgamation of the Competition Authority and the National Consumer Agency. On that day the Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2014 came in to force. The CCPC has a new dual mandate to enforce competition and consumer protection law and we will build on the work of the legacy organisations to: protect and strengthen competition, empower consumers to make informed decisions and protect them from harmful business practices.  

The CCPC is governed by an Executive Chairperson and Commission structure.




Isolde Goggin

Chairperson Isolde Goggin

Isolde Goggin is the Chairperson of the CCPC. She also oversees the Organisation Development Unit. She was previously the Chairperson of the Irish Competition Authority, from October 2011 until October 2014. She took up her present responsibilities on 31 October 2014 upon the amalgamation of the Authority with the National Consumer Agency.

Isolde was appointed Member of the Competition Authority in July 2010 and was responsible for the Advocacy Division. From 2004 to 2006, she was Chairperson of Ireland’s Commission for Communications Regulation, and Commissioner from 2002 to 2004. Before joining ComReg, Isolde was Director of the Regulated Markets Division at the Competition Authority. She began her career in 1980 with Eircom (then Telecom Éireann) as an engineer, and later moved into business management and then regulation, working with Eircom, DG Information Society of the European Commission and Ericsson.

Isolde holds a First Class Honours engineering degree, a Masters in Business Administration, and a Postgraduate Diploma in European Competition Law, and is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland.



Patrick Kenny

Patrick Kenny

Patrick Kenny is a Commissioner with the CCPC. As well as collegiate decision making with other Commissioners on all aspects of the organisation, he currently oversees the Competition Enforcement and Regulation & Advocacy Divisions. He previously oversaw the Criminal Enforcement Division. He was first appointed as a Member of the Irish Competition Authority in January 2012 as Director of the Cartels Division. He is an economist. He took up his present responsibilities on 31 October 2014 upon the amalgamation of the Authority with the National Consumer Agency.

Prior to his appointment he was Senior Economic Advisor to the Commission for Communications Regulation. In this role, he was responsible for providing economic advice to the Commission on their most important projects related to the regulation of the electronic communications and postal sectors and the management of radio spectrum.

Patrick first joined the Competition Authority in 1997 as an economist Case Officer. He subsequently joined Arthur Andersen as Competition and Regulation Manager. He returned to the Competition Authority as Senior Economist and Manager of the Advocacy Division. In 2003, he took special leave to work for three years in the European Commission as an economic policy advisor in DG Information Society and Media. After his return he took up the role of Manager of the Monopolies Division.


Karen O'Leary

Karen O'Leary

Karen O’Leary is a Commissioner with the CCPC. As well as collegiate decision making with other Commissioners on all aspects of the organisation, she currently oversees the Criminal Enforcement (competition and consumer law), Corporate Services and Integration Divisions.  She previously oversaw the Communications and Consumer Help Division. Before the amalgamation Karen was Chief Executive of the National Consumer Agency. She took up her present responsibilities on 31 October 2014 upon the amalgamation of the Competition Authority with the National Consumer Agency.

During her time as Chief Executive of the National Consumer Agency, from March 2013 to the amalgamation Karen built on the achievements of the National Consumer Agency, identifying civil and criminal breaches of consumer law, overseeing enforcement actions and helping to prepare for and build the new, amalgamated CCPC. This had been coupled with promoting consumer welfare through the National Consumer Agency's consumer information and education campaigns. Through her work in the National Consumer Agency, Karen continued to advocate for consumers, promoting consumer interests and helping to bring about positive changes for consumers in Ireland.

Karen joined the National Consumer Agency in March 2010 to lead the Public Awareness and Financial Education Division. In that role, Karen established the National Consumer Agency’s Money Skills for Life personal finance education programme, oversaw the operation of the National Consumer Agency’s consumer rights and personal finance helpline, further developed the National Consumer Agency's on-line information tools and led its public awareness activities.

Karen has over 20 years’ experience working in a variety of marketing and management roles with 12 years working on consumer issues with a specific specialisation in retail financial services. Immediately prior to joining the National Consumer Agency, she worked for eight years in the Central Bank of Ireland in the areas of personal finance information and education, competition policy (in respect of retail financial services), financial inclusion and public awareness.

Karen is a Board member of the Injuries Board. She holds a Graduateship in Marketing from the Marketing Institute of Ireland and is a qualified Executive and Leadership Coach. She also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Competition Law from King’s College, London.                                                                                                                 


Fergal O'Leary

Fergal O'Leary

Fergal O’Leary is a Commissioner with the CCPC. As well as his involvement in collegiate decision-making with other Commissioners on all aspects of the organisation, he currently oversees the Communications and Market Insights and Consumer Enforcement Divisions. Previously Fergal was Director of Communications and Market Insights for the CCPC.

Fergal has extensive experience of consumer protection and competition issues. He has held a number of management roles relating to consumer research, policy analysis, financial education and communications in the National Consumer Agency, which he joined in 2008, following six years in the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s Energy Policy Statistical Support Unit. Following the National Consumer Agency’s amalgamation with the Competition Authority in October 2014 to form the CCPC, Fergal was appointed Director of Communications and Market Insights.

Fergal holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from University College Cork and a Post Graduate Diploma in EU Competition Law from King’s College in London. 

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