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We promote compliance with the law by providing clear information to businesses

Competition Law

We are responsible for enforcing Irish and European competition law. Competition benefits everyone; businesses, consumers and the economy as a whole. We seek to put an end to anti-competitive behaviour that reduces choice, increases prices and undermines economic growth.

Consumer Law

We are responsible for enforcing a wide range of consumer legislation. We protect consumers from unfair business prioritising our actions in those areas where there is greatest consumer detriment. We hold business to account by using the full range of enforcement tools available to us.

Product Safety

We are responsible for the safety of products covered under a number of EU Directives. As part of this we monitor and process non-food product recalls in Ireland and are the Irish contact point for the European Commission's rapid alert system on hazardous non-food consumer products (RAPEX).

Grocery Regulations

We are responsible for monitoring compliance with the Grocery Goods Regulations. The purpose of the Regulations is to facilitate greater certainty and transparency in the dealings between suppliers and grocery businesses. 

Guidelines for Businesses

Competition and Consumer Protection Law can be complex. We aim to help businesses work in an efficient way to ensure compliance. Our guidance helps businesses to understand their obligations under law and promotes a culture of compliance.

Credit Intermediaries

We have responsibility for the authorisation of credit intermediaries, and maintain and monitor the Register of Credit Intermediaries.


We have responsibility for the licensing of pawnbrokers. It is an offence to carry on the business of a pawnbroker without a licence from the Commission.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We have responsibility for assessing whether entities that offer out-of-court dispute resolution services to consumers and traders in Ireland meet certain quality criteria, and for promoting these services.

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