Banned Products

European law prohibits the sale of certain dangerous products across Europe, including some cigarette lighters and fireworks.

Cigarette Lighters

Novelty cigarette lighters cannot be sold in Ireland or anywhere in Europe since the introduction in 2006 of a European Commission Decision.

Lighters that are not child-resistant or are appealing to children under 51 months of age are banned from sale in Europe. Novelty lighters are those intended to be used or are appealing to children under 51 months of age due to their shape and colour or resemblance to objects appealing to children such as toys or cartoon characters. .

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission has responsibility for implementing the European Commission Decision in Ireland and we also work with the Customs authorities to ensure that unsafe lighters are not imported or made available for sale in Ireland.

We can direct any business to stop the supply of unsafe lighters. Any person or business who fails to comply with such a direction may be prosecuted and on summary conviction, may be fined up to €3,000 and/or imprisonment for three months.

The European Commission Decision (2006/502/EC) requires Member States to take measures to:

  • Ensure that only lighters which are child-resistant are supplied to consumers

  • Prohibit the placing on the market of novelty or child appealing lighters

  • Prohibit the sale to consumers of non child-resistant, novelty or child appealing lighters

Any person or business importing, distributing or retailing cigarette lighters should ensure that

  • Low cost non refillable lighters are child resistant

  • All novelty or child appealing lighters are prohibited from being placed on the Irish market.

Read more details of the Commission Decision

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