Contactless Transactions and Mobile Banking - Consumer Behaviour

This study of consumer behaviour in relation to contactless transactions and mobile banking was conducted by Behaviour & Attitudes on behalf of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC). The research was undertaken through a face-to-face, in-home survey of 1,001 adults aged 16+.

Key findings

  • 3 in 4 adults aged 18+ hold a payment/current account

  • Almost half of adults 18+ are aware of contactless payments (45%) and 4 in 5 are aware of mobile banking (83%). Awareness is lower among the over 65s, the working classes and those living in rural areas

  • Just over 2 in 5 (42%) hold a debit or credit card that allows for contactless payments, with 43% of those tsating that they have used their card in the past week

    • For those who do not use the contactless facility, the main reason for not using the facility is due to hassle/mistrust of technology or forgetting about it. There is some concern also about keeping track of spending
  • Visiting a branch continues to be the main bank service used (66%), despite the growth in technology (internet - 58% and mobile banking - 43%). Over 65s are driving visits to branch, while U50s are much more active online

  • 2 in 5 claim that fees and charges influence the way they bank, with using debit card less often and making larger withdrawals being the main change

  • Almost half, (46%), admit to not knowing how much they are charged for a regular chip and pin transactions on their debit card

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