Compliance Notices

An Authorised Officer may issue a Compliance Notice to a business owner (a company or individual) who is deemed to have committed a 'prohibited practice'. A Compliance Notice is a written notice directing them to remedy the relevant contravention of consumer protection legislation. The trader has the right to appeal the notice to the District Court within 14 days.

Download the latest Compliance Notices issued by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) using the links below:

Creative Retail Solutions Limited Compliance Notice 22/12/2015

Phoenix Motor Company Compliance Notice 21/09/2015

Expert Ireland Compliance Notice 03/09/2015

Expert Ireland Compliance Notice 03/09/2015

Arnotts Compliance Notice 03/09/2015

Vodafone Compliance Notice 03/07/2015

Vodafone Compliance Notice 03/07/2015

UPC CRD Compliance Notice 15/05/2015

Three Compliance Notice 15/05/2015

Emobile CPA Compliance Notice 29/04/2015

Eircom CRD Compliance Notice 29/04/2015

Meteor CPA Compliance Notice 29/04/2015

Meteor CRD Compliance Notice 29/04/2015

UPC CPA Compliance Notice 29/04/2015


Details of Compliance Notices issued in previous years can be found in the CCPC's Consumer Protection Lists


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