Consumer Protection List

Consumer Protection List

What is the Consumer Protection List?

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) has enforcement powers under competition and consumer legislation. The Consumer Protection Act 2007 and 2014 requires that enforcement actions taken by the CCPC are recorded on a list called the “Consumer Protection List”.

When an enforcement action has been taken the CCPC is required to keep and maintain a list of names and addresses of the relevant companies and individuals in the following circumstances;

  • Fine or other penalty has been imposed by a court.

  • A prohibition order has been made.

  • An undertaking has been given.

  • A Compliance Notice takes effect.

  • A Fixed Payment Notice has been paid.

The CCPC will place the names and addresses of the relevant companies and individuals together with the description of the trade, business or profession and any particulars the CCPC may consider appropriate in respect of the enforcement actions, on this list.

The CCPC may publish all or any part of the Consumer Protection List.

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