Home heating oil price survey 2012


6 September 2012

The National Consumer Agency conducted a telephone survey of 165 home heating oil suppliers on 29 August 2012 in 24 "delivery areas" across Ireland. The survey sought to quantify the price levels for the supply and delivery of 1,000 litres of kerosene (home heating oil).

The national average price for 1,000 litres of delivered home heating oil was €964. The difference between the maximum and minimum quotes was €85, and prices ranged from €910 to €995.

County Clare - Ennis recorded the highest average price within a local area of €974. County Louth - Dundalk recorded the lowest average of €949.

Variation in quotes

The lowest price, €910, was recorded in the County Louth - Dundalk area while the highest overall quote, €995, was surveyed in Galway County - East area.

The biggest difference between the minimum and maximum quote obtained within an individual area was found within the Louth - Dundalk area, €80. The lowest range of €10 was found in three areas: County Kerry - Tralee/Killarney and County Clare - Ennis and Sligo.

Seven of the 24 areas had a difference of €40 between the minimum and maximum quote received. A further 12 areas had price variations ranging from €20 to less than €40.


Download full results of the Home heating oil price survey (MS Word, 728 KB)

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