McCormack Car Sales Investigation

In October 2015 a consumer contacted the CCPC stating that they suspected the odometer of a car they had purchased had been interfered with.

The Opel Corsa in question had been purchased in March 2014 from McCormack’s Car Sales Limited, Dublin Road, Sligo.

After having purchased the car the consumer discovered a number of faults that had to be repaired. They also discovered other issues that they were not made aware of at the time of purchasing the car, such as the car had been involved in two single vehicle road traffic accidents in 2007 and 2009.

Following a complaint from the consumer in October 2015, the CCPC began an investigation into the sale of the car. The consumer suspected the odometer of the car had been interfered with when they found a sticker under the bonnet that indicated the oil had been changed some time before they bought the car. The mileage recorded on the sticker (96,830 kilometres) was higher than the mileage recorded on the odometer when they bought the car (79,000 kilometres).

During the investigation by the CCPC McCormack’s Car Sales accepted all of the issues raised by the consumer and acknowledged that the car had been extensively damaged as a result of a road traffic accident, about which the consumer what not informed. They also accepted that the odometer reading at the time of the accident in December 2009 was significantly higher than when the car was sold to the consumer in March 2014.

In December 2015 the consumer came to an agreement with McCormack’s Car Sales, including the provision of an alternative car and compensation. This agreement was fulfilled by McCormack’s Car Sales by January 2016.

In view of the remedies McCormack’s Car Sales Limited offered and implemented and as an alternative to criminal prosecution for this misleading commercial practice, the CCPC and McCormack Car Sales Limited reached an agreement, wherein the CCPC accepts an undertaking of certain obligations by McCormack’s Car Sales Limited in respect of used cars intended for sale in the course of its business. The Agreement and Undertaking was signed on 29 February 2016.

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