Survey of opticians' prices


13 October 2011

The National Consumer Agency’s latest survey of opticians’ prices looks at the levels of price display and fees charged for a number of routine eye examinations.

Although opticians offer a wide range of services, this survey focuses on the fees charged for routine eye examinations to private customers (as opposed to examinations funded in part or full as a result of Pay Related Social Insurance contributions or through medical card eligibility).

A total of 103 quotes were obtained from opticians nationwide for a standard eyesight examination.  The main results are as follows:

  • In two instances it was found that a free eye test is provided. In another small number of instances, opticians stated that they waive the fee if the consumer proceeds with the purchase of glasses. Other discounts are sometimes applied in relation to students, children or longstanding customers; however, for the purpose of comparison the full adult prices for first-time customers were used
  • The overall average price across all regions nationally was €32, with the average price per area ranging from a low of €20 in the Donegal - Letterkenny/Buncrana area to a high of €45 in Galway City, a difference of 125% (€25)

The NCA believes that accessible and easy to understand pricing information should form an essential part of the basic information informing routine consumer transactions and it is with this in mind that the present survey was conducted.

The study is the latest in the NCA’s series of pricing and price transparency surveys, following investigations of crèche based childcare providers, GP/dentist fees and price display, baby-care product prices, branded grocery prices, driving lesson costs and domestic heating product prices (oil and wood pellets).

Download the report on opticians’ fees (MS Word, 601 KB)

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